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Still wondering what to get that special (or especially difficult to buy for) person on your shopping list?

Maybe it seems like they already have everything they could ever need or want, or maybe you’re just feeling totally stumped!

As we roll into December, we’re hoping to help you take the edge off of those holiday shopping nerves with some really unique and great quality gift ideas from one of our trusted suppliers, Geekbuying!

Don’t worry, all the gift ideas listed here have shipping options that guarantee your items will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. You can also contact us about having it delivered to our address, and we can call you to pick it up when it arrvies!

The Socialite

New-To-Them iPhones: Just because it’s not brand new doesn’t mean it won’t feel like it! Used phones give you an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to a brand new phone and contract. Check out these used iPhones in amazing quality from GeekBuying.¬† Choose DHL shipping for the fastest arrival time.

Wearable Tech: Smart watches and rings that keep you stylish and connected with friends and family.

The Gamer

Gaming TV Boxes: You might think you need a fancy computer or gaming console to play games. Well, think again! These Android boxes have enough power for all the media you could possibly ask Santa for from movies to video games.

Name Brand Gaming Headsets at 40% Off: So they already have their favorite gaming setup? Help them enhance the experience with high quality gaming headphones!

Android Virtual Reality Headsets: More affordable all-in-one headsets that allow you to watch movies, play games and surf online with a theatrical experience.

The Media Buff

Deals on top-brand JBL Headphones & Speakers : Maximize their enjoyment of videos and games with the highest quality of sound. JBL is one of the top brands for the media buffs in your life.

Name Brand Speakers & Headphones: Even more to love! These brands are the best quality at a great price!

The Photographer

Amazing Aerial Camera Drones: Instantly become an epic videographer with a camera drone! This would be an awesome addition to that photographer you love who already has all the other cool gear.

Sports & Fitness Fans

Fiido Electric Bikes: Equipped with pedals and electric motor. Perfect for casual outings, or a means back home when you accidentally ride further than intended! The rechargeable battery can take you up to 40km on one charge.

Deals On RC Drones & Cars: These are a great fit for people who love to race! Racing drones bring another dimension to fun. Or, the fitness fan can use these drones to catch themselves in action while playing their favorite sport or other cool activity with the built in camera (varies by model).

The Student

Electric Bike Deal: for when you’re too young or broke for a car, but too slow to make it to class on time! Pedal or motor for up to 40km on one charge.

Five Star Vorke Notebooks: The ratings say it all: This affordable laptop does not skimp on quality! Get Mac-like speed without the huge price tag.

Powerful Mini Laptop: Sleek, convenient, and powerful performance that won’t weigh you down!

We hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for your loved ones, or at least triggered some ideas for you. Your friends and family are lucky people to have someone who knows them so well and tries so hard to find them something as special as they are! In today’s world of instant gratification, that can be hard to do, so we commend you!

Didn’t see anything that sparked your interst? We highly recommend checking out the whole Geekbuying website,¬†See all Geekbuying Black Friday Sales, or contact us and we can help you out with some more ideas!