Welcome to our shop’s website!

Circuits Cell Shop was an idea turned reality by me, Jessica, and my husband Scott Smithson. We started off out of our home until the demand became large enough that we opened a retail location on January 24, 2017.

I had spent four years exclusively selling mobile phones and contracts, and this is how I discovered Williams Lake’s need for a local repair shop. I used the information I gathered from selling phones to decide what services our town really needed: same day local service (and a back up plan if that’s not available), accessory options for non-Apple or Samsung users, and affordability. So we brought in loaner devices so you won’t be stuck without communication in the cases where we need to special order parts, or have to keep a device for more than one day.

I pride our store in our ability to bring in a variety of affordable cases for a multitude of models, as well as special order accessories for uncommon models. Be sure to ask what is available for you!

If you don’t live in Williams Lake, please contact me for mail out options.

We look forward to serving you, come visit us at 48B Oliver Street, Williams Lake. You can also call, send a text, or Facebook message!

Best Regards,
Jessica & Scott Smithson: Owners.