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Are you finding you have to plug in your phone or tablet charger and then wrap the cord around your phone, keep it at a very certain angle or some other trick in order to keep it connected?

This is a very common issue, especially with iPhones and iPads because their ports are wide open.

Here are some possible solutions you can do yourself before visiting the repair shop. 

#1: Try a different cable.

I highly recommend using the cable and block your device came with as it will have the correct amp and volt output for your device. However, if your cable is a few years old or has been damaged, you may need to find a new one as they do wear over time.

It is possible to get another original cable from the manufacturer. At Circuits we have Apple OEM cables in stock at all times and can special order Samsung or other brands’ OEM cables and blocks on request.

If a different cord doesn’t fit nicely in your port, go to Solution #2.

#2: Try to clean your charging port.

What you’ll need: ESD safe tweezers OR a toothpick & a toothbrush & 99% isopropyl alcohol.
You can get ESD(electrostatic discharge) safe tweezers from us at the shop or by clicking the image below:

ESD Tweezers

Step 1: You definitely want to turn off your phone/tablet and if possible take out the battery before cleaning the charging port.

Step 2: Use the tweezers or toothpick and very carefully swipe inside the charging port from one side to the other. Micro USB ports will be the most difficult and I recommend avoiding the middle prongs and only cleaning the gaps. iPhone lightning ports are safe to scrape along the back but not the top and bottom where the pins are. If you see lint or dirt do a few gentle swipes and blow it away with your breath.

Step 3: Dip the toothbrush bristles in a little bit of the alcohol and very gently scrub inside your charging port with it. The 99% alcohol evaporates so quickly that it does not seep inside electronics and cause damage.

Allow your port to sit for a few minutes and fully dry, then try connecting your power cable again and see if it fits more nicely.

If this solutions works, great! To prevent future issues, you can get a magnetic charger which stays inside your port and keeps it clean; there are also cases you can buy that have a port cover that flips open for charging.

Still not working?

If the above two solutions don’t improve your situation, I recommend visiting us at Circuits Cell shop at 48B Oliver Street to inspect your device. You can also start off by sending us a message on Facebook, email or our contact page to get our opinion. We also accept mail-in repairs, and can offer a discount on Canada Post waybills, just contact us!