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The Circuits Cell Shop team is excited to announce a brand new service: consignment of phones, tablets, and some other personal electronic devices.

Do you have old smartphones collecting dust in the junk drawer?

Did you just get a new phone and don’t know what to do with your old one?

Circuits Cell Shop offers consignment services, which could be the answer to what to do with your old phone. Not only will Circuits sell your device for you, making you money and saving you time, this simple act of “upcycling” your old electronics makes a positive impact on the environment, too!

Few of us know just how much goes into making our phones. Many of the metals found inside a smartphone are difficult to mine, or are in short supply, deeming them “rare.” Not only that, the mining, refining, transportation and finally manufacturing of these materials affects the environment very negatively.

In Friends of the Earth’s 2013 Make It Better campaign, the charity looked at some of the environmental and social impacts of tin mining across the world. In Bangka, Indonesia, excessive tin mining was found to have dramatically changed the natural landscape, leaving acidic craters in place of lush forests and making clean drinking water harder to come by.

“In general refurbishing and recycling phones is a good ‘mining prevention strategy’,” Evert Hassink from Friends of the Earth tells us. “The problem is that most [smartphone metals] can be found but at higher financial, ecological and social cost.”

David Nield, Techradar

For a small fee, Circuits will advertise your item on all of their online platforms, as well as put it in their in-store display case. You will receive your pay check no more than 48 hours after the sale has been completed!

Reusing and recycling electronic devices is an important part of reducing our carbon footprint. Please do not throw your electronics in the garbage! Visit locations just like ours at Circuits to have the electronics properly sorted and recycled.

Curious? Looking for more information? Visit us in store or online on our Contact page, our Facebook page, or chat with us on Messenger.