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Our Services

Circuits Cell Shop is proud to offer same day service for common models of phones, and as fast as overnight delivery on special ordered parts.

Phone Repair in Williams Lake & Area

Source: bcadventure.com

We currently repair hardware on most models of phones & tablets, including Apple, Android, Windows & Blackberry.


The shop’s hourly rate is $60, and we will charge “per minute” for quick repairs like iPhone batteries and cleaning out ports. Prices for parts vary widely, so we need to know your device’s exact model and what it needs in order to give you an accurate quote.

Other Services:


Remove the network lock and use any SIM card in your phone! Pricing and timelines vary.

(Or, contact us to sell your own unlock codes!)



Have a used device that’s still in great shape, but isn’t being used? Turn it into a paycheck! Circuits will advertise your device on several online platforms, as well as in-store in the display case. Once sold, you’ll receive 80% of the profits within 48 hours as a paycheck.