Circuits 64GB Data Storage for iOS, Android, Windows


Key Features…
Compatible app “I-USB-Storer” allows data transfer from many platforms
USB, Micro-USB and Apple 8-pin (Lightning) connectors
Suitable for cell phones and tablet PCs supporting OTG
Works with most devices with compatibility for iOS, Android and Windows
64GB of instant On The Go storage
Backup, Copy, Transfer and secure your data


Need to back up or copy your files from an Android or Apple phone?
Want quick extra memory on your Apple or Android device?

If so then this 64GB Flash drive is for you. letting you backup, save and transfer contacts, photos and other valuable data. So thers no need to upgrade your phone if all you need is some extra memory space.

Suitable for Android and iOS use this mini storage pen has 64GB of space and fits iOS, Android and Windows devices with its Lightning, micro USB and USB connections.

Never run out of storage again with this USB 2.0 Flash Drive. For use on cell phones and tablets PC supporting OTG, such as Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone, iPad, as well as compatible with desktop and laptop PCs.
*Shipping price is an estimate and may incur further customs charges.*

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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