Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Remote


Key Features…

  • Bluetooth car FM transmitter for streaming music and hands free calls in your car
  • Supports Micro SD card and USB pen drive for more music options
  • 5V 2.1Amp and two USB ports lets you charge one or two devices at a time
  • Answer, hang up, reject and redial meaning it is easy and safe to take and return calls on the road

With this Bluetooth FM car transmitter its quick and easy to sync your car and smartphone together. now you can share your music and take calls while on the road.


The quick easy and hassle free way to connect your phone and car stereo together without cables or mess. Powered through your car’s lighter socket, this Bluetooth FM transmitter uses Bluetooth to sync to your phone. select an unused FM frequency and tune in you radio to stream all your phone’s audio content directly though your car stereo. It couldn’t be easier. Working on FM 87.5 to 108 MHz range means there are 20 channels to choose from so there’s always an option available for you to use.

The included remote control can help keep you safe by using it while both hands are on the steering wheel, or giving it to your passenger to operate.

Aux in port, USB and micro SD card slots allow you to further expand your audio options as this FM transmitter an handle inputs from them all. When it comes to incoming calls you can answer them directly and hear the caller clearly through your car’s speakers. Missing a call when your driving will become a thing of the past.

Two USB ports allow the FM transmitter to charge multiple devices at one time and with a 5V 2.1Amp output you can charge phones and even tablets like the apple iPad. Now when you’re hitting the road you can enjoy all the best music as you cruise to your destinations and relax with the best beats direct from your Smartphone, tablet or music player. A2DP Bluetooth support lets you stream audio content between the transmitter and your phone while maintaining great quality. This is then send out via FM frequencies and can be picked up directly by your FM car stereo, allowing you to share your phones music library and answer calls hands free in the comfort of your car.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in


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