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Circuits Cell Shop has more to offer than device repair!

If you’ve heard of our shop, but are very careful with your device (good for you!), you may think there’s no reason to stop in. However, we encourage you to come say hi, and take a look at our increasing inventory! We are bringing in phone and tablet cases, new Whoosh liquid screen protectors and cleaners, gadgets like smart watches and sport/security/dash cameras, pop sockets, and many fun other items. We are also beginning to refurbish and resell smartphones and tablets! Be sure to visit our website or Facebook page to get updates on refurbished inventory.

We are also very excited about our future plans for Circuits! Our next “upgrade” will be getting in LCD refurbishing machines, which will allow us to decrease the cost of Samsung (and other pricey LCD units) “just glass” repairs.

There is much we would like to achieve to be Williams Lake & area’s number one choice for mobile device repair and related retail needs- and we need your help to do it!

Please fill out our short survey that should pop up on our home page, to let us know what you feel would be a valuable addition to our services!

We look forward to seeing you at 271 Oliver Street, in the back of the building (it’s a multi-shop building).


Jessica Pickering